About us

Our Journey began in 2008, we started as specializing in refurbishing Business series and consumer end laptops. By 2010 we moved over to specialize in refurbishing only High end Business series and Engineering series laptop. We have provided to many high end start up companies and worked with their needs of specialty hardware to run their applications.

By 2012 we added Commercial End computers to our fleet of services. This was the time we started specializing in Panasonic toughbook series computers. Since then it has been a roller coaster Ride. We specialize in refurbishing them, like adding GPS, LTE Modems. Also providing full 360 degree of support all year long. We work with short lease, Over stock and even some brand new Panasonic models. 

You can go into Testimonials (Feedback) to see many of the Reviews we have received over time regarding our supply and services.